Intact Super


One Touch Button To Dispense Water
Easy Touch Display

One cup (120ml) continuous (1.5L) anything you want is available with a touch

Display Unit

Hot Locks Cold Lock
120ml Cold
550ml Warm
1.5L Hot

Indication / Control Panel

Hot Locks Hot Lock / Unlock (5 seconds) button   Cold Water Mode Cold water mode entry and the
button (5 seconds) finish Turbo,
Standatd, Off dial
*WD-IT-SUPER is a full button closure
Cup Cup size selection button Cold


Selection of the rotary dial
Cold water, water purification,
water selection
The amount of water is 120ml
550ml 550ml selection button Cold: blue LED
Room: green LED
Hot: red LED
Amount of water: 550ml
In a bag of water metering In case of cold mode entry, you
can choose out of turbo,
standard, off by rotating dial
Intake lamp brightness (5 seconds)
Continuity Continuous Selection Button Flow Button Flow Button
Amount of Water: 1500ml Get flow of selected: by pressing 1 time
Buzzer On/Off (5 seconds) Cancel flow: pressing 1 time while flow
Super Cool
Profuse Cool Water
Cold water system enable a water
stream of 25 cups of water below 10
degrees providing fresh and clean
drinking water.
Standard of cold
water touch mode
Super Save
Lower Power Consumption of Super Water Purifier
Minimum power consumption leading to
minimum electricity fee
Hot Water will only be boil when needed together with the
cold water "inverters" system, there is no need to worry about
your electricity bill.
Super Cool
Zero Polution Worries
Without a Tank the stainless steel pipe instantly cools the water.
South Korea Launches
First new concept water purifier!
Smallest size, fluent water flow, cold, warm, hot water and even energy reduction!
Intact Water

Intact Water

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