Why We Need Alkaline Water?
        Alkalize Body's PH
        Our human body's pH tends to be acidic because of our high acidic food diet habit, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins. By drinking alkaline water, your body pH can be neutralized from acidic to alkaline pH, to create an alkalescent state for human body that cancer and other illnesses cannot survive.
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    •   Why We Need Alkaline Water?
        Our body accumulates acidic waste products daily and it can lead to serious health conditions. Drinking alkaline water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues.

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    •   Why We Need Alkaline Water?
        The basis to maintain optimum health is to hydrate your body. Most of the water is comprised of 10-15 water particles while the alkali ionizer goes through electroysis and the water particles become less than 6. The alkalescent water with smaller water particles are not only absorbed faster but it also feels good when the water is passed down the neck, feeling fresh.
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    •   Why We Need Alkaline Water?
        Enhance Immune System
        Alkaline ionized water has abundant stable hexagonal water. Ionized water's chemical structure is a hexagonal ring structure. If you continue to drink hexagonal water, you can prevent stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease and other illnesses. Ionized water can also prevent obesity by helping consumers' diet.
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    •   Why We Need Alkaline Water?
        Negative Ion
        The modern people are exposed to a lot of stress or environmental pollution so the activated oxygen generated destroyes the cell in our body, causing illness. The alkalescent water contains a lot of activated hydrogen, eliminates the activated oxygen, assisting the maintenance of a healthy body.
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